Clearance Twin XL TEMPUR-Ergo Plus Power Base


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The TEMPUR-Ergo Plus Adjustable Base allows you to choose an unlimited number of ergonomic sleeping positions for your Tempur-Pedic sleep mattress. The remote control allows you to control the development from the quietness of your bed, as it electronically adapts to your every wish. 

Head and Foot Lift
Basically unlimited head and foot positions increase comfort, enhance relaxation, aid breathing and relieve lower back strain

Wireless Remote Control
Wireless remote control offers full head and foot development. Backlit buttons illuminate when a button is pressed to improve visibility in low-light environments... A single button returns the mattress to the flat position, while memory buttons store up to two positions.

Quality Construction
Quality construction provides quiet operation with strong pulling/pushing power and long service life for outstanding reliability. The bed can also be lowered during a power outage.


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