Take a vacation every night with the Genesis Gel Memory Foam mattress! The Genesis Gel Series is the latest advancement in Gel and Foam technology. Feel the “YES!” Experience today! All of Genesis Bedding Gel Memory Foam Mattresses come with a 
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Gel Memory Foam Mattress Key Features

G-Volve® Gel Technology

  • G-Volve® Gel is specially crafted to be the most adaptive foam, reacting accordingly for each individual pressure point of your body.G-Volve ® is a G-Volutionary advancement in comfort support.

  • Leave your aches, pains and stress behind as you set sail into your dreams each night on a wave of comfort

FlowGel® Technology

  • Whether you prefer firm or soft, our perfect combination of G-Volve® and FlowGel® create the perfect comfort and support for both sides of the spectrum.

  • Unparalleled flexibility to accommodate people who prefer things on both sides of the soft and firm spectrum

  • TrueCore® was specially crafted to meet the tough demands our world puts on our bodies.

Our Gel foam, Memory, and Support foams are certified by the CertiPUR-US® program.


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